Trail Maintenance

The Mohican Chapter has taken over maintenance of the Suffern-Bear Mountain (SBM) Trail in Harriman State Park from Rt. 106 to the Palisades Parkway. This is a 2.55 mile section with parking at one end. Points of interest include a large rock named the Irish Potato and Upper Pound Swamp. If you want to locate it on your trail map, it is on the northern Harriman map in the southeast corner. For more information, contact leader Kathie Laug by e-mail at or call her at  203-348-3993.

The club provides all tools. Volunteers bring water, lunch, work gloves and their nature loving spirit. Rewards are the fruits of their labor and brownies, cookies or ice cream.  There is work for every level of interest, and we offer on-the-job training with experienced leaders. Come join us as we raise mountains and lower rivers. We rock! Give trail work a try

ADK Supervised Trail Program and Schedule

Since 1986 thousands of volunteers have worked with trained ADK trail crew leaders to complete trail maintenance and reconstruction projects all over the Adirondacks and Catskills. Volunteers are provided with the unique opportunity to “give something back” to the trails that they use. A fun and rewarding experience is guaranteed. If interested, check out the program.

NY/NJ Trail Conference
Have you ever wondered how all those magnificent rock steps, bridges, boardwalks, and bog bridges emerged to make your hike more enjoyable? These “luxuries” are the product of thousands of hours of work by the NY/NJ Trail Conference trail crews. Crews design, construct, and rehabilitate the hiking trails in the region. With plenty of on-the-job training, newcomers feel right at home on these crews. Trail crews usually meet on the weekends, in groups of six to ten persons. These dedicated men and women head off into the woods, armed with high spirits, rugged determination, and the know-how to accomplish the task at hand. Crews work as far north as the Catskill Forest Preserve and as far south as the Delaware Water Gap. Volunteers representing this organization must be a current member of the Trail Conference or a current member in a Trail Conference organization. So get involved and check out the opportunities below.

Trail Crews and Projects by Region

Upcoming Workshops, Events, Meetings, and Worktrips